Aerial Installations

All types of Aerial installation work undertaken to receive signal for Digital TV & Radio, FM Analogue Radio and other general communications.

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Satellite Installations

We install Satellite systems for: Freesat, Sky, European & World TV channels and The Internet.

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TV & AV Equipment

From a TV on the wall to a Home Cinema room, we are involved with the installation of all types of AV equipment and have years of experience.

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Improve the performance of the landline internet connection. Design and install Satellite Internet services and WiFi networks to achieve the clients requirements.

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Mobile Signal

We can design and install a building repeater network to enable the clients mobile devices to function inside the property with a good signal.

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Fibre-Optic Network

We have gained the knowledge and invested in the equipment to enable Fibre-Optics to be used in the distribution of TV, Radio, Satellite and Internet signals.

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Multi-User Systems

All types of networks designed and installed to distribute TV, Radio, Satellite and Internet signals to as many end-users as the client requires.

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